About Us

We, as MERS Global, serve in the filter industry with our wide product range consisting of automobile, heavy vehicles, construction equipment, air compressors and industrial groups.


We aim to satisfy our customers by meeting their needs and expectations in the best way possible with our brands.


We bring our products obtained through advanced laboratory, production and quality control processes to our customers in the fastest and safest way.


Our Mission:
Our reliable state-of-the-art filters protect both our customers and their vehicles. Our customers are invaluable to us so we provide free 24/7 support with all product purchases.


Our Vision:
To be an innovative and reliable partner that brings together vehicles and filters with passion, and adds value to life.


We are always at your service with our suppliers with OEM quality and a wide range of 4500 products.


We pursue, design and manufacture state-of-the-art products for you.


Wherever you are in the world, we deliver our products to you in the fastest and safest way.


We are here to meet your needs 24/7 with our young and dynamic staff who are experts in their field.